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welcome to – a modern visual tribute to intelligent, strong, confident, sexy men and their undeniable mojo.  we are here to celebrate and affirm the very best male models from around the world and the talented photographers who work with them.

all of the photos that appear here are works of fine photographers found on the web that we believe we are free to display for non-commercial use.  we deeply respect all intellectual property and copyright laws and have made every effort to attribute the work to the photographer and model involved.  if you are the photographer or model responsible for any unattributed work that appears here, please let us know and we will cheerfully and unconditionally attribute the work to you and include a link to your website.  if you object to our display of your work, we will gladly remove it.

we place special emphasis on ethnic diversity here at  after all, mojo comes in many different flavors.  if you are a photographer or model and would like to display samples of your work here, please contact us!  we embrace the opportunity to promote all photographers and models whose work is consistent with our mojo theme.

peace, my beautiful brothers…

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