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aiden dhaval

July 24, 2010

dhaval is a vedic sanskrit term meaning dazzling bright – this is a most appropriate description for this über talented model and scholar.  aiden dhaval is 23 years old and recently completed his undergraduate degree in aerospace engineering at embry-riddle aeronautical university in daytona beach, florida.  he will soon begin work on a graduate degree in mechanical engineering.

a native of burlington, vermont, aiden was initially concerned that his indian heritage might be an impediment to his success as a model.  he quickly found that to be completely untrue.  the modeling industry has, in fact, embraced him and he now feels his heritage even gives him a competitive edge.  he brings a signature style and grace to all of his projects.

aiden maintains his well-chiseled physique by working out in the gym at his school and by running hills.  he finds that complex, full-body resistance exercises are more effective for him than those that target specific muscle groups.  running keeps him lean and helps maintain powerful, muscular legs.

what’s next for aiden?  while his education is focused on engineering, his ultimate goal is to become a successful ceo in the corporate world.  like many of us, aiden has expensive tastes and success in business will help him acquire those comforts that bring him the greatest satisfaction.

aiden has never had any specific objectives when it comes to modeling.  he simply loves doing it and sees it as a fun diversion to his structured life as an engineer.  while modeling is a side line, he is extremely passionate about it, nonetheless.  his goals are to push the envelope, to evolve and grow, to conquer all challenges and to be the very best he can be.

keep your eye on this rising star!  he is a man of many talents and one who will continue to dazzle us with his intellect, good looks, drive and determination for many years to come….

model – aiden dhaval • photographer – michael huitt

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  1. Linda Straubel permalink
    July 25, 2010 3:46 pm

    Let me be the first to say, “Wow; über talent is right. Thanks, especially, for stressing Aiden’s intellect. It’s a wonderfully cliché-defying strategy.


  1. The Summer of Aiden Dhaval – Michael Huitt Photography

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