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May 6, 2010

courtney is a 21 year old american model based in florida.  he aspired to go into modeling from a very early age, but only began pursuing it seriously after he developed his well-proportioned physique.

he does not routinely go to a gym – he credits body weight resistance exercises and a healthy diet for his impressive physique.  his only indulgence is an occasional sweet treat.

courtney is a quiet, introspective guy who prefers chilling at home with close friends instead of clubbing.  his favorite sport, when time permits, is tennis.

he believes in staying busy – his philosophy is “idle time is wasted time” so he always strives to keep himself occupied with productive activities that can help further his professional career.

his favorite quote is by anti-apartheid activist and former south african president nelson mandela…
”after climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb”.

courtney is currently updating his portfolio and is looking for talented photographers who are interested in TFP, especially if you are in florida.  if you are interested, look him up on model mayhem or facebook.

model – courtney • photographers – (1) david vance, (2-5) kemuel valdes, (6-7) alex riley, (8) abel cruz for tomburst

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