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nuno branco

April 22, 2010

29 year old nuno is an interior design student from london.  about his muscled physique, he says – your body is your instrument in which to experience the world and i like to have a powerful one….

his tattoo says el niño which means the boy in spanish.  it also refers to a powerful weather phenomenon that occurs every 3-7 years off the western coast of south america that has economic and atmospheric consequences worldwide – a fitting metaphor for nuno’s forceful personality!

about his personal style, nuno says…i don’t really have one style, i have many, it’s not fixed, i travel within it…

understandably, nuno counts his striking blue eyes as his best feature – they provide a glimpse of what’s inside.  he credits his dad for the extraordinary gift.

model – nuno branco • photographer – dylan rosser

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  1. Michael permalink
    April 28, 2010 5:31 am

    el nino has been an object of my desire since I found his magnificence on another website. I ask you….have you ever seen a more perfect specimen of the male form? I haven’t….

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